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Kamis, Desember 12, 2013

"When you're gone, you're gone forever. you only live once. Live exactly how you want to be remembered." 
-Jermaine McIver

                As Mr. McIver said, we only live once. So do whatever you want to do (not really whatever, i never suggest you to try illegal things -LOL). But then, we should accept this fact, we're living in our safest condition and then its hard for us (me obviously) to try a new thing that out of our comfort zone.

            The easiest example is the place where you spend all of your weekend, where's it? Mall? Cafe? Or your warm room overthere? Maybe for some people like me, whose livin in an urban city like Jakarta with tons of mall and its in everywhere. The easiest place to get where i need a little refresh to myself is Cinema, Cafe, and those mall that surrounded my house.

So back then, have you guys imagine a thing that you would do but because its out of your comfort zone, its only a plan that never will happen.  I do have! Bet you guys too.

        This month, December 2013. I've tried a lot of new thing and came in to a new place that I've never visited before. That was actually not an easy thing because half of my brain keep with its opinion that stay in my room during weekend and watch Game of Thrones (will make a post about this new fav series), The Walking Dead and those things will be the perfect weekend as always.

          That saturday night my classmate asked me and other friends to go to a place that I've never been there before, and the fact that I've never go out when its come to saturday night because i'm single (ugh-- as always) is the reason why i call its my another first experience. We went to SMS (Summarecon Mall Serpong) and even its just a normal (and like others) kind of mal, but still its my first experience came into a far-far-from-home-mall LOL

There were bands, live music and foods fest until late! We had a really really great time!

        And my another first time experience is.. Try bowling! Omg its like I've seen people play with those balls on Tv for hundred times but I've never been in Bowling Court before. So after class on that saturday, i (and my mad friends) went to Bowling Court in North Jakarta. A bit too way far actually from my place, but yeah.. That was fun! Even i can't played it. Need to learn a lot (to not looked stupid while hold that damn heavy ball)
        And guess whaaaaat, i got home at 3am that night (its actually morning already). Checked! Got home at 3am is my first time experience too. My aunty would kill me if she knows about it. Praise lord she doesnt realize that until now. Haha.

And the next first time experience of this December is made a step on Tanjung Lesung & Anyer Beaches's sands. Its like, im livin in jakarta and I've never came to this place. When i and my family needs an ocean view or beach, we usually go to Ancol Beach (yes, that dirty one). 

         Yes and i love the beaches soooo much, its clean its blue (or green?) kind of ocean water with white sands and ocean wind and aaaaah i just want to go back there.
Like the others two, i had this first time experience with my classmates. Its, fadel (-as always) who drove me there. He always have a lot of idea about a place that's I've never been there before. 

Praise lord for him!

         And the last thing, i about to shave my hair bald. Still a plan! But, i curious enough about how do i look when it come to bald and my face. Don't laugh, just don't.
This thing is actually waaaay to far from my comfort zone, i always love this messy&ugly hair. Its made me look better in picture (-not really :p), but then i'm dying to try this new thing. 

Ok hang on, i'll make another post about my decision. Maybe after new year, we'll see.

       Anyway my point from this post is just don't be afraid to try a new thing, made an experience. You'll know you'll like it or you'll hate it. Have a lot of things that you've never done before? Just be a firstimer then.

Have a nice day, fellas!

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