A Short Magical Days in Bali

Selasa, Juni 03, 2014

I'm back.
I just got back from Bali a week ago. Yeah, this is an unplanned holiday. So my dearest Friend Novan asked me if i want to join him on his trip to bali for work, and he has an unused ticked for one person.
So i said yes at that moment LOL.
FYI, this is my first time ever went to bali.
They were true, its magical place.
I got 4 days 3 nights there, we stayed in seminyak. Damn i want more daysss to spent like really i do.
I love being there, like reaaaaaaallllly. And hell yes i will go back and stay more than a week next time.
Since my friend went to bali for work, i mostly spent my days in this such a beautiful place alone (except sunday and monday when i spent it with my buddy). I rent a motorcycle and rode it wherever my google map commands me.
I got lost, once.. oh no, twice? hell no.. so many times!
Yep but still i think that was another pleasure of being alone, its like a single trip. A single trip for a single guy. LOL
From known place such as Kuta, Jimbaran, La Planca (Swear to God i can spend my whole entire day just lyin in this place's heaven sofa) til not so familiar place (but amaze me more than u culd ever think) like Padang-Padang, Blue Point, Dreamland.
Too much beach at once actually, i got darker skin on my dark skin as the return. Yeah thankyou!
Too bad i cant see sunrise at Sanur beach, but i promise my self to go back and see that heaven's view they talks about.
Anyway, Thankyou Bali for such amazing days.
Obviously want to go back, asap.


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