Minggu, November 03, 2013

The night the world was going to end
when we heard those explosions not far away
and the loudspeakers telling us
about the vast fires on the backwater
consuming undisclosed remnants
and warning us over and over
to stay indoors and make no signals
you stood at the open window
the light of one candle back in the room
we put on high boots to be ready
for wherever we might have to go
and we got out the oysters and sat
at the small table feeding them
to each other first with the fork
then from our mouths to each other
until there were none and we stood up
and started to dance without music
slowly we danced around and around
in circles and after a while we hummed
when the world was about to end
all those years all those nights ago

IN TIME by. W.S. Merwin

So hows your life these days, guys?
Ugh! I think i have a little problem with time.
Oh how i wish its more than 24hours in a day, i have a looot of things to do.
Work, Assignments, Class, Family;s stuffs and anything.. i think these days im kinda in a rush.
Its like things run after me, waiting me to solve them.
And all want to do is just like scream to them something like "GO FIX YOURSELF MATHAFACKAA I WANT MORE SLEEP!"


I do really should learn how to manage myself, these things, and everything. haha
Anyway, that was a beautiful poetry from Mr. Merwin!

Happy Sunday everyone! 

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