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Minggu, Oktober 13, 2013

Hello people! 
Its been a long time since my last post (ugh, i hate saying this for many times. LOL)
Hows your life?

      It’s like i only came with something new on this blog once a year, am i right? Haha
With this post im officially changed my design (yes!), the old colorful and heavy and not so friendly page isnt here anymore! And i welcoming you guys with my brand new white-and-light-and-lazy-page haha. I think im mature enough for that, now. Hahaha. No more scary lana del rey instrument in the background. I give you a silence as the replacement. LOL

      Anywway im officially a freshman on college now. Its a lil bit too late to say it in here right now, cause ive been in class since 2 months ago. Yep, been a year i’m not into assignment, lecture, friends and those kind of thing. Oh i’m so happy! Anyway in case of your curiosity, i’ll inform you that i take faculty of communication in Budi Luhur University, majoring public relation. Yeah, so mainstream. But thats all i got duuuude. 

     And of course when i said college, its came up with a package! A package! Include a boring lecture (smhh), a lot of assignments (HELL YES!). So kinda ‘real’ busy these weeks. You know, books are everywhere in my room (not really, liar) haha. I told you guys that im busy in so many post, thats actually an excuse why i barely post a thing. A fake busy. O dont worry i got a real one now. 

Have a great day to all of you!
And Happy Iedul Adha! (...and happy holiday for those who celebrate. LOL)

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